Help Alice, Read her story.

Alice logo1

This is “Alice”, she is 2 years of age female South American sea-lion (Otaria byronia).

“Alice” was found in Las Salinas beach high up in the rocks away from the ocean and away from people. Her rescue was quick and easy considering her location.

The cause of her stranding was a direct hit in the nose creating a fracture across the top frontal area of the nose. This was a typical -and commonly lethal-injury produced by human aggression. This injury has made hunting impossible for “Alice” making her unable to dive or even eat, leaving her in agonizing pain. Also “Alice” was found with wounds all over her body again caused by direct human aggression. Poor “Alice” was soon to die up in the rocks where she was found.

Alice logo4This is where “Alice” was rescued. She was rescued on the 24 of January of 2015.

She has been with orca for nine days, her improvement has been amazing. She lets us treat her with care and she is very responsive to the medical handling. She definitively is eager to live!

“Alice” was taken for an Xray on 29/1/15, it showed that “Alice” has already shown an impressive amount of regeneration in the fractured bone. With time it is hopeful that Alice’s nose will heal completely so she can dive and hunt in the ocean again.

Alice logo3When “Alice” first arrived she was unable to close her mouth because of the pain.

“Alice” is undergoing treatment, but still can’t eat for herself and has to be tubbed, this is likely going to continue for several weeks. But the future for “Alice” is bright, and she can continue her life in the ocean where her family is waiting, but to do this “Alice” needs your help too.  Her treatment is long and hard but worthy for an innocent and valuable life, please help her to go back to the ocean to be free again. Please become her God- parent and donate for “Alice” so she can survive.

Alice logo5Thank you for reading about “Alice”, her life is only just beginning, she is young and extremely strong willed, she wants to live …so let her, by donating to ORCA. In another 2 years time she will be becoming a new mother bringing new life in to this world, give her that opportunity and help us to help her.

Thanks to Tina Roenik from Norway, and to all our volunteers both international and local, adults and juniors, who help us and this young and incredible sea-lion.

After two months, “Alice” was released completely recovered back in the ocean on March 24th, 2015. Her case signify a huge step on medical treatment to recover this kind of human caused injuries. Sea-lions can survive human impact, when humans take responsibility to save sea-lion lifes as well.

ORCA Alice Release 2015

Peru is full of life, and South American sea-lions are natives to the Peruvian coastline. They have been here before the Inca times. This is their home. Let them live.

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Respect Life


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Thank you for your support!

Written by Connie Jones, Marine Biology Coordinator of the Science and Animal Welfare Department of ORCA for the Summer 2015. 


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