Ringo’s Release

After a month of rehabilitation at Orca, Ringo the sealion was ready to be released back in to the wild.

Ringo was brought in to Orca totally blind, after a trauma to the head. When ready for release, he had regained the sight in one eye 100% and 80% in the other.

Ringo was taken by a coast guard boat to Palomino Island, an island populated by hundreds of sealions, where he was released by five Orca interns. When his kennel door was opened, Ringo did not hesitate, and promptly jumped in to the ocean and swam towards his friends. It was such an emotional experience for everyone, to know Ringo would have a second chance at life. He didn’t look back…….goodbye Ringo and stay safe!

Ringo waiting for release
Ringo waiting for release

907-XTTlM.St.55 353-105kqK.St.55

Written by Michelle Jeffrey, ORCA Intern from England, winter 2014.


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