Ron in the water

It’s the 4th of March just after 1pm, Ron’s lunch time. But today he’s not gonna eat from his plate as usual. Today is POOL time! Ron is going into the water for the first time since his rescue. We put him on an island in the middle of the pool. He doesn’t move. We splash some water on his feet and push him towards the edge. He looks at the water, but is a little scared. ‘Where did my mums put me now? This is wet, so WEIRD!’ We splash some more water and finally he goes for it. A little jump and he’s in the water. 


Yaaaay he can float and swim. He uses his left wing, less than his right wing, it’s still a little stiff and weak, but with some more pool practice that wing will be perfectly fine! You’re a good penguin Ron!


Oh Ron what are you doing? Cleaning yourself and playing around, having fun. But your fish? Pool time is EATING time you know, not just for fun!


On Sunday the 9th Ron had another big adventure. He went south to Playa Misterio. When we arrived at the beach he started running in the sand. He’s a fast runner and it seemed like he could run all the way to the ocean.



Right next to the beach people have a big pool, perfect for a diving test for Ron! He’s allowed to enter and as soon as he sees the water he jumps in. He is swimming around, diving (probably for the first time in his life!), doing his penguin stuff, everything perfectly fine! He is such a penguin! His left wing is totally healed! And from the pool he can see the ocean, it’s calling him. Soon you’re gonna go there, Ron, soon you’re going home! Just don’t be so stubborn and eat your fishes in the water… You can do it!



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