Chino, a broken winged penguin

On Thursday ORCA received another penguin.


This poor little guy was found in Chincha (a city south of Lima, 2 kilometers inland) in the middle of the street. How he got there and what exactly happened to him, remains a mystery. However, his wounds and his broken wings indicate that he was hold as a pet and was harnessed, either to walk him or to keep him in one place. Whatever happened, it was a torture and poor Chino totally forgot that he is a penguin and what penguins do. All he wanted to do was to get out of this horrible place and because his tied wings were keeping him away from his freedom, he decided to get rid of them. Now they’re dying off…

Important lesson: penguins are not pets! They belong in the ocean, they need the ocean and other penguins to survive! Besides this, it is illegal to keep them because it is a threatened species. 


Luckily Chino was found and picked up by his now godmother, who called us and brought him all the way to the base in San Bartolo.



Today Chino had his surgery. Unfortunately we were not able to save the lower part of his right wing, it fell off. But if we can manage to save the other wing and the remaining part of the right wing, then there is a good chance that one day he can be a happy penguin in the ocean again. So hopefully we can save it! 

For the rest he is skinny, but with his good appetite that problem will be solved pretty soon 🙂

Chino is a very sweet penguin, but severely traumatized. To become healthy again he needs to learn what it means to be a penguin. No better teacher than Ron here! Ron is younger and smaller, but he feels penguin, is feisty and very confident. Today we let these two funny little gentlemen meet. They don’t seem to really like each other, but for Chino it was a good therapeutic session. In the beginning he was really scared, but then he learnt that he can defend himself, he followed Ron and he started to do penguin stuff :). A good penguin so far!



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