Maya, the new big girl

Yesterday this beautiful lady was rescued in Punta Negra. 
We found her on a big rock surrounded by lots of people. She seemed tired and we could see a wound in her head. As she is quite a big sea lion we thought it would be tricky to get her down from the rock and into the kennel, but everything went surprisingly easy.  At first she growled and showed us her big teeth (by then all people realized that it was a good idea to stay away from her), and then she jumped down the rock and a couple of minutes later she was inside the kennel. 
When we came home we examined her, and it turned out that she was congested and the wound she had on her head was most likely caused by fishermen. Moreover she is totally blind. However, as sea lions mostly depend on their whiskers when fishing, they can manage quite well in the water even without seeing very good. And Maya is very careful when she moves around and you can really see that she is used to move without seeing.
Today it took us one hour and 5 people to restrain and give her fluids and some injections
 (she is incredibly strong, believe me).  Now we just hope for a fast recovery for Maya!

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