Ron the Penguin

This morning ORCA received a call about a penguin that were found by itself at the beach. A family kept the penguin in their house while they were waiting for us.  So we packed our bags, jumped on a bus and went for my first rescue mission.

When we got to the house and saw the penguin we could tell straight away that it was underweight and dehydrated, but without any visible injuries. We saw that the penguin was young, probably just around one month old. The family that rescued the penguin named him Ron.


We decided to bring Ron to the base because he wouldn’t survive by himself.  Ron were probably stranded because he has been separated from his family. He is to young to take care of himself and because of that he has been without food for some days. Here at the center we have been taking care of Ron and giving him fish and injections. Hopefully Ron will continue to eat and get stronger so we can bring him back to the nature.



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